Kitchen ideas - easy and simple Design

Old kitchen cabinets in the kitchen you are tired to pain. White getinaks stirs only boredom and your financial options are limited. Most - easy and inexpensive to replace the doors of kitchen cabinets or a little more skill and tools to create nastroenie. 8 suggest your ideas to change beyond recognition the doors of a cupboard with nothing visible.

Kitchenoak kitchen

The easiest way is painting, ow o you've decided to prevaplatite in artist, you can make white paintings of doors - here's how:

* Choose appropriate colors automotive paint and within minutes they will become unrecognizable. Background of the stop - a bright color, and what will then draw - the choice is yours.

22prego_gra1v_smallkitchen cabinets

* How to prepare the door? As home washing and drying them well, then with fine sandpaper izshlayfayte them to be able to hold paint. Then primed with colorless nail polish. Apply root two "hands", and then draw a template or free hand with the desired picture. Top fixing colorless varnish - so easy to maintain hygiene in the kitchen.

18prego_gra_smalldark kitchen

* Melamine plates are sold in stores, any two persons in two colors, if you are crafty / a, alone, you can scroll doors, with or without edging edging - a matter of taste and desire. The color you choose, in line with other kitchen equipment.

* Another easy way is with an adhesive or foil wallpaper. Shops are offered in different colors in the stripe, with floral motifs - so you can bring new colors into your kitchen.