Relife Realty Products

Until the beginning of January 2010 was Relife Realty has opened as many as 7 residential complex mostly located in Jakarta area. And the other place in east Jakarta area. Housing project which was first created in the housing projects with the name Orchid Pavilion located in Beji-Depok in the year 2005 as many as 5 units. In the next year Relife Realty launch new project is still in Depok, too, with a greater number of 19 more housing units, with the name Juanda Green Residence in 2006-2007. In May 2007 Relife Realty to build larger projects more of a house with 53 units occupies an area of 8 thousand square meters. The third housing is named Cimanggis Green Residence because of its location in the district Cimanggis, Sukatani village. In March 2008, Realty Relife housing complex opened the fourth with the number of 20 units with a Kelapa Dua Green Residence, located near the dormitory Kelapa Dua Police Mobile Brigade.

In May 2008, Relife Realty began developing its wings to start building houses in East Jakarta to the number of 50 units, all of which are the types of two-stairs house. Housing complex is named Greenlife Townhouse. Until now, the remaining units have not sold as many as four units.

Two months later in the month of July, Relife Realty opened a new area in the region Cimanggis again as a continuation of Cimanggis Green Residence. So on this new project called the Cimanggis Green Residence 2, located about 2 kilometers from the Housing 1st Cimanggis Green Residence. 2nd Cimanggis Green Residence occupying 1.8 hectares with a number of houses built was 105 units. The types of houses built vary from type of type 45/85 and 36/72 type 65/90. Until this writing, there remained a total of 20 units covering 12 types of units 45/85 and 65/98 of 8 types of units.

The 7th project of Realty Relife is Greenland Forest park Residence, occupying 4 acres with the number of 250 units of houses. In these housing projects are still many choices of all types. And the average price is still much below 200 millions. If you want to buy a house this location, please visit its website (click here). Or you ca contact by phone to 021 32 10 11 12.

To obtain more detailed information about Relife Realty product, please contact the following numbers:

1. Greenlife Townhouse (East Jakarta) on 021 8770 8920

2. Cimanggis Green Residence 2 (Depok) 021 8774 2008

3. Greenland Forestpark Residence (Depok) 021 32 10 11 12