PG In Gurgaon

The National capital region Gurgaon has come out as one of the major modern cities of India, having big commercial buildings, posh residential sectors, presence of different malls, shopping centers,closeness with Airport, National highways with smooth traffic i.e good infrastructure etc. Because of having all these facilities Gurgaon has become the first choice for a large number of multinational companies opening their offices in the country and is becoming point of attraction of all those people who are coming from different areas to Gurgaon and reside here in search of jobs,training, education or for any other reason and they start living as PG in Gurgaon.

Staying in a PG in Gurgaon is the first choice of bachelors who have come either for job, internship, training or study purpose. Gurgaon has a large student population and unlike tourists, student can't stay in hotel so getting rental flats or PG accommodation is cheaper and convenient for them.

PG in Gurgaon - Several types of Paying Guest Accommodations are available in Gurgaon like single room, 2BHK, 3BHK used as personal or on sharing base. In sharing basis pg accommodation a room is shared by two or three or more people and the cost for sharing accommodation is comparatively higher and fixed and shared an paid by all the people sharing that accommodation. Generally PG accommodation is shared by students studying in same college, or colleagues, or friends. This type of accommodations cost around Rs. 2,500/- per head and quite affordable for student class.Flats, apartments, buildings and bungalow owners who have additional space in their properties offer paying guest accommodations to individuals. Flat owners who are located around Famous Colleges and University take this opportunity of making some extra income by offering some portion or a single room to individuals as Paying Guest.