G'day! Cristina from Fuji Files with a post that's close to home (for me). Loom Rugs is an extraordinary rug shop in Melbourne, Australia. As their motto says, "A beautiful rug is at the heart of a beautiful home," and Loom's rugs are not only beautiful, but unique, and recycled!

Loom Rugs are all hand made from natural and recycled fibres using traditional methods to create a non-traditional design. The patchwork look above is called 'Hepsi,' meaning 'all,' and is pieced together from vintage Turkish rugs and kilims that are beyond repair.

I'm also in love with their Old Yarn range, woven from the old yarn of unravelled vintage kilims.

Loom's method of creating modern designs from vintage materials results in a unique invention: the modern antique! An item that is collectible for both its contemporary and vintage value. (At least tha's how I would justify the purchase!)

I would find it so magical to own a rug that had been rewoven from incredibly old, unravelled, rugs from far away lands - flying carpet fantasies anyone?

xo Cristina

*images via Loom, all store images via thedesignfiles