Hello everyone! Julie here, from Chapman Interiors. Get ready to be wooed and wowed by this lakeshore  drive home designed by Angie Hranowsky (this woman has some serious talent folks, she also runs a  graphics division for her company). The home is filled with a mix of eras where the cool lines of the modern pieces are offset by a soft palette and a few curvy feminine additions for good measure. The mood is soft and inviting. Let's have a look! 

If Angie confessed that she'd based their entire design on the Donghia Suzani color palette and print, I'd believe her (and I wouldn't blame her - it's a fabulous fabric!). Great design tip: the graphic mid-century modern screen near the front door is complimented by the vintage David Hicks pattern on the danish chair on the left.
A personal collection of art is a fabulous way to share your own personality and taste; it also introduces variation in style and color. (And notice her pieces displayed are within her aubergine/fuchsia/nude color palette? I bet that wasn't an accident!)
Simple dining room pieces are livened up with a zebra rug, cute blue ottomans and a perfectly feminine occasional chair. (I do wish the chandelier was larger, or more of a statement piece. She could have done a drippy crystal chandelier and it would have been lovely.)

Well hello again, beautiful suzani! We've seen you before, except now you're center stage. I'm drooling over the chrome canopy bed. It's a completely modern element in the room that would be lacking otherwise.

What an adorable little mid century home (boasting southern California genes). The exterior and interior flow together perfectly, it's always important to reference the architecture when you're designing your interior! (It would have been charming if the front door was the same deep magenta from the Donghia material!)

The most important bits of style here:
* Select pieces that are vintage, often with a straighter line.
* Wood is smooth and finished.
* Use a bold print to guide your color palette choices throughout the rest of the house.
* Create a collected feeling throughout (think gallery wall & vintage modern pieces.)
* Add a dash of chrome.
* A solid dose of graphic pattern will bring things to life (stick with the color palette from your one bold print).

And here's what we get, (for my collection I used the suzani print in the lower corner as my inspiration to guide the other color decisions).

A little celadon, a little wood, a little chrome = a lotta style! I am loving the soft aqua and rusty red (good for moving into fall too...).