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Few years back some things were limited only to the rich class of the society. One such thing was to buy a villa. Buying a villa was not so easy for all of us to afford. Forget about having them in the big cities we can’t even think of getting it into a small city. But with the change in the real estate market, villas have become easy for all class of people to afford. Now the time is here when a middle class family can also go for a villa in a big city like Gurgaon. The real estate market of Gurgaon is offering a wide range of villas for sale. These villas are being built up on wide acres of space. The room plans of these villas ranges from 4bhk to 5bhk.

These villas are being equipped the basic amenities of living such as 24 hrs of running water and electricity. Round the clock tight security around the villa is also being provided to make you feel secured. If you are looking forward to buy a villa at Gurgaon, then you have to make some choices in this regard. This is so because these villas are offered in wide ranges to choose from. These villas are available in a wide range of schemes and facilities. Some villas are being built up as a township project.The Ansal Esencia project of Gurgaon is the most awaited  project of Gurgaon .

These types of villas are having facilities such as schools, offices, etc. with them. Villas in Gurgaon as a Ansal Esencia new project are being built up in order to provide you a luxurious standard of living. Thus these are well equipped with some of the extra modern facilities like swimming pools, spa, etc. It is a very profitable deal to buy a villa at Gurgaon. This is so because the villas are available to you at a very affordable rates starting just from Rs. 1 crore onwards. These villas are available for sale in a large no. in some of the preferred locations of Gurgaon. Now its time to stop dreaming and take a right step towards fulfilling your dream of buying a villa in a big city like Gurgaon.The Ansal Group is known for turning our dreams into reality. This project is just like that. If you wish to lead a high standard of living, then the Ansal Esencia Gurgaon  is going to be the best option for you.