Hello lovelies! Cristina from Fuji Files with a bit of Global Style for you to add to your Christmas wish lists. Mimi Jung, founder of Brook&Lyn, is a New York fashion blogger, boutique owner, and stylist. Now, luckily for us, she is adding jewelry designer to that awe-inspiring list of credentials!
Mimi's jewelry collection, Surrounded, was inspired on a recent trip to Hong Kong where she discovered beautiful agate slabs in a small stone shop.
The name 'Surrounded' is an homage to the stone and the process of creating each piece. As you can see the center of each stone is surrounded by concentric rings in varying shape and color. These rings are echoed in the hand-made crochet ring around each stone, and the entire piece is then surrounded by rope.
I love their versatility! I have a weakness for clothing and accessories that can be worn in various ways. 
Reason number two for adding these to the Christmas list: they can transform an entire look. One necklace can take a typical T-shirt or maxi dress to full fledged fashionista. Need styling ideas? I love browsing at Mimi's blog for inspiration (and for picturing the countless ways I could work this into my wardrobe!)
This collection is right on trend with a unique twist, and is just the thing to breathe new life to well-worn outfits. What more could you ask for in an accessory?

*images via brook&lyn