Honey, I'm home! Julie from Chapman Interiors here taking you through a home where modern sensibilities meet serious comfort (not an easy task!). The key? A whitewashed background is a blank canvas that showcases furniture and art..
There are a few amazing things going on in this space, but on the top of the list is the stained stripe flooring... a fabulous idea that makes the space dynamic but not over-the-top. Also loving the highly ornamental clock floating on a smooth white surface - two very opposite design styles work well when they're so extreme.
Large wall art and organically shaped cowhides bring personality and visual texture to the space. The bookshelf even has a few red books that echo the bright color from the art, the perfect way to draw the eye from one to the next! In the entryway, imperfect topiaries add a touch of whimsy.
Love the chocolate and white bedroom! The white walls let the striped rug and silhouettes of the furniture take center stage. Add a pop of greenery and lavender throw to make things friendly and warm (not to mention a four-legged friend!).

Get the Look...
* Stain floors a chocolate brown.
* Use unique pieces of furniture and graphic area rugs.
* Hang abstract art that is full of lively colors.
* Walls, ceiling, and trim should be painted (the same) white.

Amazing how a modern style can still feel so timeless, don't you think? I could totally see myself living with this look for a long time!