Tips for House Hunting

Nowadays a lot of young couples looking for a house to build their small family. But unfortunately they don't have enough experience to do it. Some time they regret after do transaction purchasing a house, because the house they bought has many problem. Quality problem, location problem, flood problem, traffic jam, and so many problem can be found here. Therefore below I will tell you some tips maybe useful for to start your house hunting.

1. Determine your budget according to your financing capacity. Normally the maximum installment is 1/3 from your monthly salary. The down payment normally 10% to 30% from the house price. Other cost for Notary, tax and bank process normally up to 10% from the house price.
2. Determine the location. I recommend location are close with public facility, such as school for your children, super market, hospital, bus station or train station etc.
3. Choose your house from the experienced developer. Use google search engine to find the information of developer reputation. Ask from your friend or the people that already bought from this developer. How is the after sales service, how is handling complain. How is their quality building. etc.
4. Housing facility. Normally every developer promised to provide the housing facility such as, club house, swimming pool, tennis court, small garden, children play ground etc. Check if the facility they promised as their brochure has been provided.
5. Building Specification. This is also very important. Your have to check the building specification as mentioned at their brochure. The good developer will apply the material as what they mention in the brochure.