What to buy for the mixologist on your list? There are oh, so many wonderful things! First let’s start with...

You! I’m sure you definitely have been nice this year. Instead of the go-to little black cocktail dress, why not stand out a touch in Indigo?
*1. Stilled Night Dress by Anthropologie ($128) & Vanessa Kandiyoti Earrings ($2,455 - if you’ve been really, really nice!)
*2. Bottle openers can be lovely & fit quite neatly into a stocking. Wingspan Bottle Opener ($16). 
*3. Surely not any tonic water will do. Here’s a little set for that girlfriend who likes even her bar to be stocked prettily. (Q Tonic Water  $11.99) & why not pair it with the Wingspan Bottle Opener above?
*4. Just because it's my favorite & perfect for sipping holiday cocktails next to when your friend's home is lacking that essential working fireplace. Henri Bendel Fireplace Scented Candle ($29.99)
*5. Cocktail Books! Definitely not only for the coffee table - and just think, it's the gift that just may give back later in the year! Vintage Spirits And Forgotten Cocktails ($13.59), The Art of the Bar ($16.47), + Vintage Cocktails ($50).
*6. Why not make your own luck & bring a leave-behind Mistletoe Kissing Ball to the party? (FREE! It's a DIY from Martha Stewart)
*7. This is my favorite gift to give at the moment - vintage decanter sets. Roam through your local antique store - or spend a few minutes on Etsy. Mix & Match Vintage-Modern Decanters offered by Roost Living (approx. $131) + Vintage Aqua + Gold Decanter set offered by Birch & Bird on Etsy ($50)
*8. A new take on the Chalkboard Paint Wine Glass. Don't you just hate it when you lose your drink at a party? Chalkboard China Glasses ($15); other retailers listed here
*9. Last, but not any less chic, are stainless steel sipping spoons for mixed drinks. Set of 6 Stainless Steel Sipping Spoons ($14.95)

& happy holidays!

of le petit happy