Updating "Talking About Property's Link List

Today, I just updating my exchange link list. Since end of 2008, my blog “Talking About Property” was online. In the beginning I always blog walking everyday and do exchange link. In the mid of 2009 my Google Page Rank updated from 0 to 2, and then in the beginning 2010 Google Page Rank updated again from 2 to 4. I do not know why Google so good to me, and give my Google page rank up to 4. I guessed that Google provide PR 4 for me because I have lot of link outside there, and some of them are active and updated regularly. This condition makes my Google Page Rank upgraded automatically.

I checked one by one the link listed on my friend link list. I was surprised, because I just found 33 links active, and the other 75 links are broken and some of them were not listed at their blog. The “Exchange Links" just updated today, if you feel that you have ever exchange link with me, but your link have not listed in this list, feel free to contact me, write your message at Cbox or leave your comment in below post.
And thanks a lot for all of you that still keep my URL listed at your link list.