I'm supposed to be taking a little time off today, but I couldn't resist a quick post to welcome in the new year with some images that feel like a breath of fresh air and serve as a reminder for a few goals I have for 2011...
Etta and the city-3.skona hem
*1. Create a new, beautiful, relaxing space for myself... After a pre-holiday breakup and move-out with the (ex) boy, I'm ready to find a lovely little apartment just for me and a space that I can call my own again... and decorate any way I like!
nickey kehoe
*2. Simplify my surroundings and my life...  So many of my boxes are packed with trinkets and treasures... it's time to purge the trinkets and hold on to the treasures so that I can refine my home and surroundings.
*3. Be happy with what I have... As a decorator, it's so easy to want to constantly be changing things up, investing in new pieces, trying new color schemes, but this year I want to create a space I love and keep it that way. For a whole year. (Ok, maybe switching out some pillows and minor decor). It's also a roundabout way of curbing some spending!
Modernt statarliv
*4. Complete my closet... While going through the options for new year's attire I realize I've finally hit that point where I actually have a dress for every occasion (barring an invite to the royal wedding, of course). I want the rest of my closet to feel that way too - and it practically is. Making a list of a few more investment pieces and necessities to purchase will help keep me focused on what to spend on, and what to let go.

There are plenty of other resolutions and goals for 2011 on my plate this year, but I like these because they serve a greater purpose for me - a fresh start and living a more focused, simplified life. Here's to the new year!

*images via: skona hem, nickey kehoe, pintrest, and unknown.