Happy New Year, friends! Cristina from FujiFiles here, and it appears I'm not alone in my post-holiday winter blues. How ever are we meant to brave the winter chill without the momentum of the holidays to get us through? By retreating into our beautiful, beachy abodes and sipping grapefruit mimosas of course! In the event that you (unfortunately) don't live beachside, however, I recommend large scale art pieces instead - fake it 'til you make it!  
These beachscape prints were taken by photographer Massimo Vitali, from Como, Italy. His recognizable Italian beach panoramas feature dreamy blue landscapes dotted with sunkissed beachgoers - one look and you'll forget the grey skies outside!  
Hang one of Massimo Vitali's large photographs on your wall and you'll feel as if you're gazing out the window of a resort hotel, practicing one of my favorite pastimes - people watching!