Hello friends! Cristina from FujiFiles here, and I'm quite sure we all feel the same way about this Lonny living room. I know I had it on my Christmas list - in its entirety.
But for now let's narrow that (lofty) dream down to the two pieces responsible for the room's splash of color: the paintings.
Those vivid brushstrokes are the work of James Nares, a London-born artist, filmmaker, and musician based in New York. His paintings are like strokes of calligraphy, magnified and flowing across large format canvases.
To achieve the look, Nares suspends himself over the canvas in a selfmade harness, and paints one continuous stroke using large brushes he developed himself. 
"I found that brushes are like characters in a way: Each one does a different dance."  
Nares can go through hundreds of attempts before he's satisfied with a particular stroke (his assistant squeegees the paint off the failed attempts). With all of the work and ingenuity that goes into every piece, the final product has definitely earned its place on my art wishlist.
I love the bold movement and color they bring to every interior!

*images via Lonny, House & Garden, Google images