Hello everyone! Julie here from Chapman Interiors, and I am absolutely swooning in delight over this space, today! It's rocking a mix of design with performing an amazing balancing act between casual and formal styles... 
In the living room, a casually slip-covered chair is just loungin' next to the very square settee (with ladylike posture).  The fancy trim and tall bookcase *might* be looking down at all the fun furniture, but the large piece of light, modern art is putting the stuffy moulding in its rightful place. Leave it to a round ottoman to say "let's all be friends" by pulling the pieces together.

And over here? Well, the sleek and curvaceous Panton chairs are having a heyday with the hard nosed dining table that doubles as a desk (note table lamp).
The mixing + mingling continues in the bedroom which offers a chic and simple place to catch up on sleep. Those oval windows are the bee-knees. (Side note, a big, bold coverlet allows you instantly transform your space... imagine this bedroom without the fun magenta addition. It would still be quite nice but a totally different vibe, yes?)
Let's go shopping and get this look for our very own:

So fun! I'm loving the casual-mod and formal combination. We got crafty by adding the salvaged architectural column topper as a side table to channel the formality of the crown moulding in the inspiration image. And the suzani on that sofa would make it SO much more inviting. 

What do you think? Could you mix styles or do you prefer a more streamlined approach?


*images via nuevo estilo) resources: leather butterfly chair, coralie bickford smith books (you'll have these forever, go ahead and buy them now!), classic urn lamp, Oly's Issac sofa, hide rug, suzani pillow, wire side tables.