If you follow me on Twitter, then you may have heard through a little birdie that coco+kelley may be getting a little office space this spring! Details are still being worked out, but my designer brain is already dreaming up the decor. So, in honor of that mini celebration, I thought I'd share one very inspiring office + showroom space with you all today!
My good friend Jessica deGuardiola, founder of 5s PR in Boston, sent me these snaps of her latest addition - a showroom that serves as a full service fashion + lifestyle space for her clients! 
When I asked Jess what gave her the inspiration and motivation to open this space, here's what she said, "We represent a women's boutique in Atlanta (Vetted) in which I assist on a lot of the buying trips for. With each trip, I realized more and more the fact that Boston was missing a legitimate showroom for industry-insiders to have access to independent, talented designers predominately represented in NYC. There's so much talent here in Boston, but we were lacking an "incubator" so to speak, that gave designers a platform to showcase their work."
"The second reason that came into play was more of a natural progression... as a fashion + lifestyle publicist, I have large quantities of samples, sometimes entire collections, at my disposal in my office. It seemed only natural to parlay that into an avenue that would allow me to both publicize and showcase my client's work under one roof."
"It was really important to me to create a space that was warm and inviting. We (my visual director and I) wanted Studio 5 to not only beautifully showcase each designer's collection, but also encourage buyers and media to want to spend time in it. The overall look we were going for was "Eclectic Modern" which we tried to convey with combining modern pieces like the acrylic ghost chairs with more "boho" pieces like my vintage zebra hide."

Jess, you did an amazing job, and the space has certainly inspired this girl! I love the mix of rustic and vintage in the fresh loft setting, and I certainly wish Seattle had more inspired spaces like this for showrooms! I can't wait to start plotting my own little space...