What A Lie!

Don't look at me! 
I'm horrible. 

I did not notice this rather sizely error.
You can thank BOB, however. 
BOB noticed that sims can walk through the door screen.

It apparently is a magic screen.
It should not be however.
Doug Henning had nothing to do with its creation.

A tiny oversight in the coding.
Should be corrected . . . now.

You can download the corrected screen 
but only the package file will overwrite the original.
If you use Sim3Pack you'll need to uninstall and reinstall.

My apologies folks.
I sent this set out for testing by numerous people
and no one caught this rather large oversight. 
Naughty testers. Spankings will be emailed . . . now.

Well, it seems some do not exactly dislike and further
actually prefer the screen with the 'mistake' as it acts like a curtain.
Please feel free to leave some comments.
I may need to post a second version of the door screen that sims CAN walk through
for those who prefer it.