Recently I was asked (for the 100th time) what trend it is that I'm most sick of these days. And as I pondered the answer, I realized it's not so much a trend that I'm over, but a look. Specifically, the typical pieces used to put together what I consider to be the most generalized definition of 'glamour' to the majority. Gold or chrome finishes, zebra rugs, graphic prints (likely zig zags), lucite, at least one oversized piece that creates a bold presence in the room, and tons of accessories. Apart, I still love them all, but together they're getting quite predictable.

As someone who likes to define my own spaces with the word glamour, I feel ready for a redefinition of the term...
Which is why when I saw this simple but (yes!) glamorously inspired space by Bunny Williams in the latest Elle Decor, I was struck with the thought that perhaps this is what I'm leaning towards? It's a somewhat odd but cohesive mix of styles, with a completely practical sofa paired alongside statement chairs and a very noticeable lack of clutter. The coffee table definitely takes the prize for most glam piece in the room, and the high gloss finishes certainly help support it, but the overall feel is modern glamour... simplified. Even the pairing of pillows on the sofa with that unexpected leopard lend themselves to this more relaxed, effortless idea of glamorous style. There's no bold graphic rug, dripping chandelier or gilded mirror. It's soft, welcoming and livable.

So, what do you think? Is it boring and blah? Or refreshing? Are there elements missing that you would add to help define it as a glamorous space? I'd love to hear your thoughts!