Happy March, m'dears! Camille Styles here, and I must admit that this month can be a bit of a challenge for us party planners...
Valentine's Day has passed, Easter has yet to arrive, and it's not quite warm enough to take our parties outdoors. I
do love a challenge though, and I happen to believe that we can always find a reason to celebrate. I was particularly inspired by these shots of fluttering paper garlands and fringe-y tassels in the latest issue of Martha Stewart Weddings, and I used them as a starting point for today's "fantasy." 

Vivid shades of tangerine + papaya pop against pale peach and subtle grey, accented with touches of gold. I'm envisioning this for a birthday or bachelorette party where all your favorite girlies can don a pair of heels, pop open the bubbles and celebrate friendships!
Fringe Centerpiece- Martha Stewart copy
Can you say festive? Branches strung with mylar & tissue tassels bring a sense of whimsy to the table, no flowers necessary.
Fringe Stationery- Martha Stewart
I've got a major paper crush on these snipped-up invites stuffed with confetti. Get the
sources here.
Fringe Stirrers-Martha Stewart
Specialty cocktails are even
more special when accented with fringed stir sticks bursting with festivity.
Fringe Favors-Martha Stewart
Send guests home with candied citrus and coconut cookies, wrapped up in these colorful crafted boxes. Like little works of art, they're
almost too pretty to open!

*images: {row 1} coral dress, confetti system garland {row 2} flowers, straws {row 3} cake, gumball machine, place setting, flowers {row 4} macarons, fringe garland, sofa. All fringe images from Martha Stewart Weddings.