Purple has been on my radar now for quite a while, (a year ago there's a good chance I would have laughed at you with a suggestion of this color, but since then it's really grown on me). I tend to gravitate towards deeper color palettes, with the occasional exception - and today's insanely beautiful home is that exception. With a heavy handed dose of lilac (a little warmer than it's blue-based sister, lavender) this home manages to still make a bold statement.
The retro, graphic art is such a fantastic focal point in this space. And usually, two similarly textured materials side by side is a no-no, but here the velvet sofa and velvet stools work beautifully with their monochromatic scheme. The tufting on the sofa and smoothness of the stool helps the pairing work. (And I'm loving the grey-blue with the warm violet.)
From the living room, we find a saturated lilac in the dining room... (how much do you adore the pop of fresh green in there too?)
Where the lovely, appropriately springtimey color coats the walls - in the darker lighting it takes on a plum tone, don't you think? The seriousness of wood and gilded antiques makes the casual lilac less immature.
Clearly this home owner has an eye for art - the wave painting is full of movement and life. And there are our purple stools again (they certainly are getting around the house quite well for not being able to walk).

The style of the space is 60's glamour meets fashionable antiques. And how does that translate into a space? Like this...

Using the pair of foot stools as inspiration, we added two of Robbery Abbey's Delta lamp (in lilac) on the ornate sideboard. The Louis side chair adds to the antique collection while pairing it with a chrome side table strikes the perfect contrast (and balance) to complete the mid-century glam feel. The deep ochre upholstery compliments the soft lilac. If you are up for painting your walls, try Benjamin Moore Frozen in Time #1448 or Cabernet, # 2116-30.

I happen to be loving ochre and purple right now, and am always a fan of mixing styles, so this room is really doing it for me... what do you think?