The Process Of The Development Process Building Reveals A New Wing, The Vertical Garden Museum In Paris



The evolutionary process A vessel according to a new wing, a vertical garden for the museum designed by architect Carl Fredrik Svenstedt is in Paris, France. architectural history of the Louvre is marked by a tradition of innovation, now manifests itself in the museum's ambitious renovation in France and abroad. The proposed extension to the Tuileries again embodies the aspirations of a cultural institution with a clear vision of its place in the future.

The new wing extends from the Tuileries gardens, vertical mixing, and the castle park. Current pedestrian bearing shall be wound along the path of rotation of the new pavilion. Open to the public, this route is available, although the galleries are closed. The pavilion offers the added space of the classical and contemporary art collections to expand the opportunities of museum exhibition. The galleries are arranged along the uphill path mirroring the vertical garden and his lookout. Visitors circle between them as a place, a meeting on the roof, with spectacular views of Paris.