Glamour. White on white. And a hit of green. Seriously - what's not to love?
I'm pretty sure my next apartment won't be as big as this bedroom, but if it were, this is exactly how I'd set it up. Well... I'd add a little more personality and punch. And hardwood floors. But let's focus on the space at hand. What do you think? Honestly, big bedrooms like this intimidate me a bit. The most I've ever had to deal with was a little space for a small seating area. But an entire living room? And desk?

Now, normally, I might say this is a little *yawn*... but isn't that what you want in a bedroom? Something simple and calming as you drift off to sleep? If anything, I'd change the paint or flooring to something a little darker... maybe the curtains as well. But the simple gold accents everywhere are putting me over the edge in love. And that green color? It's about to be everywhere. Mark my words.

Thoughts? Hate? Love? I don't know if I could honestly live with it... but I know I love it!

*room via interiors mag