I'm not sure what else I can possibly say about this room but... divine...
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We got to pick up a fresh copy of the May Elle Decor at High Point and I literally gasped when I saw the Tony Duquette malachite window treatment in this stunning living room belonging to Anne-Marie Midy and Jorge Alamada. Their whole home is beautiful - full of a mix of antiques punctuated with modern touches - but the lightness of this room is what makes it the most appealing to me.

Yes, it's a bit formal (you'll notice there's no sofa to flop down on), but it's soft and welcoming at the same time. I think I'd be just as content curling up in those Marquise-style chairs and enjoying the sunshine streaming in through the windows. Oh! And that small doses of citron accent? They use it throughout too and it keeps things feeling really fresh.

On a side note, I found it interesting that the theme of this May issue was 'Top Designers Redefine Glamour' after my article on the Bunny Williams space from the Feb/March Elle Decor where I literally used the same phrase and suggested similar ideas of comfort meeting sophistication. I guess that means we're all in agreement that our idea of glamour in the home is due for a shakeup!

*photography by simon upton