Most of my clients who come to me enjoy traditional or classic elements in their home, but always with a bit of a twist. I usually mix in a few modern accents as well as organic textures to keep things feeling fresh and relaxing.
Recently, a client and I were discussing window treatments and in homage to her warmer climate, I was encouraging adding some bamboo shades and maybe some woven stools to the space. Understandably, it can be difficult to envision adding elements associated with beach homes or tropical escapes into traditional home decor. So, when I found this little 'office' area via House & Home, I had to save it as the perfect example.

What do you think? Does it feel too contrasted, or do you like the mix of traditional and tropical? The addition of the blue rug is another great element - bringing ocean hues indoors. I'm not sure that's the exact chair I would have chosen, but I do like the idea...