Urban A & O Pioneering Work Has Tested The Limits Of The Material And Shape The Development Of New Spatial Geometries In New York City, USA

Urban & O Innovative work has tested the limits of the material and shape of the new geometry of space, located in New York City, United States of America was designed by Urban & O. Water Planet Aquarium is a nuclear power, which will examine the diversity of life on Earth and creates a different habitat. The exhibition focuses on water and how life adapts to many different water conditions and the states - the extreme abundance and scarcity, stillness and movement, and salinity of freshness, warmth and cold.

The solid construction of the water planet of new visual cues, conceptual and creative in the design of aquarium. It offers visitors the opportunity to touch the water in many countries - such as fog, steam, liquid and jelly - and the patterns of exposure and tactile surfaces incarnation and sensuality of water. The exhibition includes livestock and powerful media to make complex natural phenomena within the reach of young visitors and families.