A / ZC, Practice Is Based In Paris, Which Consists Of Young Architects From Around The World In Paris, France

Designed by AZC, A / ZC, the Paris-based practice is composed of young architects from around the world are in Paris, France. A / ZC was originally on small French town of Colmar, a position that gave them the comfort of being in the geographical center of Europe, and certainly not far from Switzerland. Four years later, he opened his new office in Paris, an important event for the vision they have of their profession: the architecture is tied to one place, the architects are not.

Members / ZC come from different countries and cultures, and went to the "World Tour" will never be mentally counting suitcases. The team consists of young architects from around the world, other than that they defend and maintain, which helps break down geographical and cultural boundaries and to be effective in their projects without resorting to preconceived notions.