The combination of blue and white - especially come summer time - is nothing new. But this year it seems to be popping up even more, and in all sorts of patterns and trends. The most recent manifestation being of the granny-inspired variety...
blue+white+floral+china+pattern chintz trend
Whenever I see blue and white florals, I instantly think of grandma's fine china. It's classic, but is it fresh? Can we make it modern and glamorous? I'm beginning to think it might be possible! With a heavy dose of white combined with clean lines to counteract the antiquated pattern, it could work. Would you try this trend?

*sources: bedroom via designspiration on pinterest, mirror and chaise at house of hackney dalton rose collection, lingere at topshop, bowl by maria kristofferson, paul & joe t-shirt, pyne hollyhock print at schumacher