Emergency And Infectious Diseases Unit - Skåne University Hospital (SUS) In Malmö, Sweden






Emergency unit and infectious diseases - Skåne University Hospital (SUS), designed by CF Moller Arkitektfirmaet located in Malmo, Sweden. Patients are individually through the church a special airlock leading to the upstairs hallway of a building trip. external elevators are only offered to patients and the disposal of infectious hospital waste - built-in lifts the movement of staff and deliveries. Moreover, individual plans can be divided into smaller individual, if the epidemic.

The treatment is performed effectively and safely in accordance with the highest standards nationally and internationally. With its facilities for treating all types of emergency patients is the emergency room at University Hospital, Skåne, the most extensive accident and emergency department and Sweden. The whole hospital has been planned with optimal logistics in mind - focusing on the patient and the possibilities of teamwork of staff.