Hello readers! Crissie here, from bug&Bear, to bring you the latest edition of Foodie Fashionista. This week I am drooling over artichokes.

Perhaps most known for their staring role in cheesy dips, the many health benefits of the tasty vegetable are often overlooked. Poor guys! Artichokes are full of fiber, potassium and vitamin c, but on top of that, they present such an attractive color palette perfect for inspiring a simple spring look with olives and creams, a hint of purple, and a splash of lemon. Perfect basics that - like the artichoke - are terribly underrated!

*Outfit- shoes: BC Footwear, top: By Malene Birger, bracelet: Austique, tee: Calypso, ring: Lucifer Vir Honestus, shorts: James Icon
*Foodtography- My New Roots