Who woulda thought? A regular ol' square imparting so much glamour, by just by using a simple design principal - Repetition.

Hello ladies (and gents), Julie here, bringing you a space that will make you wish you were sipping a mojito in a gilded glass. Welcome delightful, airy glamour with a strong dose of graphic pop - just what the doctor ordered leading into summer.
The powerful rug anchors the space and sets the tone for high style, but won't be outshadowed by the statement-making vintage sky blue chair. You can already see the square pattern being used throughout the home, starting here.
Vintage brass and playful yellow are found scattered throughout the house, making the strong black, white and blue palette feel cheerful and easy to lounge in - reflecting the feeling of the sunny outdoors that this room opens up to! 
This is just one of several bedrooms employing more graphic pop, and I love the Missioni inspired throw and fretwork wall paper. (And proof that a headboard can reside against a window, which is personally, my fave spot.)

Jonathan Adler is the king of this style, so using a few of his pieces to recreate the look and feel of this home is the perfect starting point.

Mixing in some brass and fun vintage pieces quickly adds interest and depth.

Yellow x-benches had me at hello. And the brass silverware has long been on my wishlist!

The great thing about this style is it is absolutely reasonable to have in your own home, which is a bonus, because sometimes we know things are pretty, but just not right for us. This style, however, is easy to replicate and enjoy!



*resources: Adler J Pillow, white tufted chairs, rams head coffee table, bamboo square lamp, Kagan cloud sofa, yellow X benches, three-arm lamp, lion scuplture, blue pillow, black and white trellis rug, brass serveware, smile! pillow. images via here. Interior Design by Greg Natale.