Ok so it's not really a palace, but it might as well be. This Parisian apartment (belonging to a Baroness - and a gift no less!) is absolutely dripping in soft pastels. But - before you prepare yourself for a too-sweet  pied-à-terre - you'll be surprised to find a healthy dose of inky black for a little juxtaposition...

Lavender colored walls are a delight with dandelion trim, but the edgy stone table, dark floors and graphic carpeting are the perfect balance.

As we move to the living room the upholstery sings some sweet little blues (and violets!). Historical artwork, classical detailing, and an ocean colored accent wall keep the room sophisticated.

We won't forget the bedroom, because those walls are too good to keep a secret (the detail is even on the door!), the mood here is appropriately more serene, but pastels are still consistent in the lavender bedding.

To use this look to inspire a space, we'll use mostly solids (really the only large print is in the carpet), and mix in a healthy dose of black to a foundation of easy pastels.

Ohhhhh, how I love. I can see myself happily enjoying macaroons and the occasional glass of absinthe here, because it's half mystery and half sweet, don't you think?


*Resources from top: Yellow abstract art, tiered chandelier, tufted sofa, velvet purple slipper chair, spotted bowl, yellow x-bench, octagon mirror, yellow ginger jar lamp, printed pillows, gilded antique console, curved bench, sky blue greek key rug. Images via AD Russia, sourced here