I thought it only appropriate that today's Room of the Week be punctuated with vibrant yellow on such a sunny day...
I have a feeling this is going to be a love it or hate it for most of you! While I'll fully admit that I don't find the space relaxing (or functional) enough for my personal bath, it would be fantastic in a larger home where you can get playful with all those spare rooms floating around. Or a hotel, for that matter. But that's the point of this series, right? Incredible designs that make you go 'wow', and this one sure did it for me.

The yellow sink was the icing on the cake - it looks like the paint is dripping from the ceiling and wall right down the drain. The triple mirrors was an interesting choice. I think I would have just continued the wrap around mirror that's above the bath on one side, and left the right side empty (or maybe some very sleek floating shelving?)

Soooo - love it? Or hate it? Either way, it is quite the room!

*room via red online via pinterest