You'd think with my jet-setting lifestyle these days (currently writing from the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport!)  I'd have packing down to a science. Welllll... not so much. In fact, I've started resorting to tried and true outfits that pack well and suit every occasion (which isn't a bad thing) and feel like I'm in a bit of a wardrobe slump in my daily life too.

In need of some serious inspiration, I started hunting through some of my favorite lines, and I think I found just what I've been looking for in Ulla Johnson's Spring Collection...
A fresh little denim 'suit' (can you even call it that?) for client meetings strikes the perfect balance between casual and professional - adding some accessories will punch it up a bit! 
Slouchy and soft, I totally live in blouses these days, but pairing it with white pants makes the move from winter to spring!
Um - one word. Hot. A casual little dazzle. Love it.
And, let's face it, on the weekend all I need is this - comfy, comfy, comfy.
And when you just don't know what the day (or night!) may bring? This little ensemble will carry you through it all. You can never go wrong with pretty little details in black and white!