The Unique Design Of Cinderella Table

A home in a great art that will, when the house has a lot of work that can be given value for a single word, we call unique. It is in fact a being initiated is owned by the houses that normally could be considered a source of inspiration that can make us feel better. In a few buttons, I'm sure you can do. Many unique things that we often see in these days, but if this is not new, it is true that I say. With an attractive posture table named after the design of Cinderella. It seems very strange, but it could be something new and unique for you.

Design inspired by 17th century artist Jeroen Verhoeven Duch from the table, this is not really a personality. What is striking about this product is a complex method of production. The following statement from the designer: "This process takes three months on each slice was cut from the front and back of the curve and cut, to push the limits of technology in all the sections together, and the target complex, which is a kind of plywood blank when you complete the design so you definitely get what you want.