Yale University The First College Of Arts From Yale University In Singapore First Performing Arts College In Singapore


Designed by the publisher, Yale University first liberal arts college in Singapore. The higher education system in America has always been the envy of the world. For years, American universities have exported their higher education system and drabs through study abroad opportunities and exchange programs, but have rarely been involved in the construction of a large campus relocated abroad. So far, what it is. During the last decade, several elite universities in America, including New York University, Georgetown, and Cornell have established significant outposts in countries like Dubai, China, India and Singapore.

Yale is the latest to dip its toe into this growing market, in partnership with the National University of Singapore for the construction of the first board of county arts, NUS College at Yale. Along with this, the College has unveiled plans earlier this month of a new campus, designed in collaboration with American architects Kieran Timberlake and Pfeiffer Partners Architects Forum in Singapore.