I've decided it's time for me to consider investing in some art. I love how it can give complete direction and focus to a room - or vignette - in the home. While I'll have to wait until I get into my new apartment to really start decorating, until then, I've been doing my research!
art in the home1
I'm finding so much inspiration in interiors and artists who I've had bookmarked for a while, like Sally King Benedict (top right) and talented friends like Jen Ramos of Cocoa & Hearts, and my favorite Nicole Cohen of Sketch42 (bottom left).
art in the home2
I'm also head over heels for pretty much every piece by Yolanda Sanchez and recently discovered Wendy Letven's 'Water, Land Air' series as well. The big question is do I go soft and let the art work with some of the pieces I already have, or do I go bold and mix things up, regardless of color scheme? That, we will have to wait and see.

For more of my favorite artists and picks, you can also follow my pinterest art board!

*rooms: kate schintzius via design sponge, interiors mag, veranda and suzanne kasler