Hey Sailors, It's Allison here from The Social Type. I'm stationery obsessed and would love to share a bit of my world with you. With all this warm weather in Los Angeles, I totally have summer on the brain, which means my entire wardrobe is full on navy and white stripes. Lately I've seen a lot of nautical themed stationery, and in particular anchors are everywhere. I'm totally on board with this trend. I think I'll make a voyage to Sugar Paper  to pick up their Anchor Noteset, and send a few letters before summer hits. Anchors aweigh!

1. Hey Sailor Note, Papersheep Press 2. Postkort - Good Luck & Ankere, Minimega 3. Vera Wang Letterpress Anchor Notes, William Arthur 4. Anchor Love, Smock 5. Anchor Noteset, Sugar Paper