Long weekends always make for crammed weeks. My inbox is overflowing, my back hurts from sitting at the laptop too long, and I've scheduled something every evening until Sunday... which means zero downtime. I know we all have those weeks, which is why we should also all have a room like this...
Ahhhhhh.... heavenly. Not just the bath but that marble surround, fresh flowers, natural light and clean design. I realize I've been posting on bathrooms a lot - it's totally due to a separate project I was working on - but it's made me realize what a luxury it is to have something like this! Notice that storage space at the end of the room? Fab.
Double sinks are always required. I love how big these are - I'm forever splashing water all over my counters. A little more storage space would be nice, but a few more baskets would solve that. I'm not usually a fan of blonde wood, but in here it's perfect. Anything else would feel too heavy, and the addition of a natural material is totally necessary to keep it from feeling too cold.
And when you don't have time for a relaxing bath, a nice deep shower isn't a bad substitute. The frosted windows help it feel larger than it is - bonus.

Any complaints? I didn't think so.

*images via country home