Ciao, it's Jessica, from Life's Little Jems, and I'm here to present a series called With Love From... where I'll be sharing some of my favorite fashion and home decor items inspired by various cities around the globe.

My first destination is the Eternal City: Rome, Italy, where Cassandra should soon be landing! A few weeks ago, I myself returned from a magnificent, much needed vacation to Europe, and Rome was my first stop. Here are a few wonderful treasures inspired by my recent getaway to this beautiful and historic city. Until next time…
1. Elizabeth Cole, Gordian Knot Bracelet 2. Zara, Zip Trousers 3. Mid Century Italian Chairs from Boo Radley 4. SuperHeadz, Wide and Slim Camera 5. Marble Roman Bust 6. Vespa LXV 150 7. Marni, Cannello Sandal 8. Reiko Kaneko Lip Tease Cup and Saucer 9. Ascaso, Dream Coffee Maker