Most decor falls into a primarily feminine or masculine category, and while I've seen plenty of well-mixed spaces, none have been done quite like this...
Curvy Corinthian columns welcome us to one of the sweetest living rooms this girl has ever laid her eyes on (PS, Julie from Chapman Interiors, here!). The columns are undoubtedly a feminine architectural element, and as we examine the room we find very modern (masculine) pieces floating around, mixing with relaxed slip-covers and embroidered pillows.
It's not always easy to mix styles when they're on the far ends of the spectrum, so why is it working so well here? Because most of the pieces are black or white - totally neutral. Contrast offers drama but also provides an underlying rhythm. The detail that made me really fall for this space? Those chalky walls had me had hello.
A modern and traditional dance continues in the kitchen with the powerful black cabinets and classic herringbone floors.  Notice how the clean palette makes the wood details and furniture really stand out? Love that.

Let's use the cues to make our own space, and I have great news about this one, 1) Because the bones are neutral they remain super flexible over the years and 2) oh-my did we find some very well-priced pieces!
We started with a modern chair set a top a natural jute rug, then introduced an archictural side table  reminding us of the columns in the inspiration home. (I'm assuming you don't have 6' corinthian columns in your home? and if you do, well then, we're all quite jealous.) Recycled glass with oversize greenery adds a garden-feel. A modern morrocan pendant with the gold peacock mirror brings in our international flair. Don't forget a striking black dresser to mix in some of the high contrast elements (whoa good price!). A few more details ( a weathered urn, wooden bowl to evoke those herringbone floors- and soft pillow) make the space complete.

Voil√†. Feminine meet Modern. Modern, this is Femme. You two play nicely now.


*images via ara design in Australia