As the evenings stay warm and the days are filled with bbq's and the sounds of sprinklers, I can't help but imagine tiny cottages with whitewashed exteriors and an inviting courtyard... total bliss. Julie here from Chapman Interiors sharing one of the cutest little cottages ya ever did see - but with some colorful surprises.

You've gotta love a welcoming front yard... and that mini Adirondack? Too cute!
One of the best things about this entire home is the use of color, even though it'd be easy (and tempting) to stick with a lighter and whiter color scheme; the wide stripe, zebra rug and fun turquoise make take the space to fun and inviting, instead of what could have been very predictable.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, extra large art will immediately increase drama. Another notable detail is the seagrass rug (or sisal or jute.. can't quite tell)... this material is a timeless classic and is dependable in a multitude of applications. When it doubt grab an economical seagrass rug.
Would you like a muffin? Oh good, because they're fresh out of the oven. I'm loving the continued brightness in the kitchen, and I'll always prefer an antique rug in a kitchen - it's quick way to take the sterility out. Check out the cute gooseneck sconces - adorable but industrial - cha-ching!
Now, this was a fun space to be inspired by. A dash of pattern and a few bold colors (keep 'em solid!) and suddenly I'm actually loving a modern take on the classic cottage style. This look lends itself to evolving over time too, which is impossible not to like.

Time to go run in the sprinklers...


Images via here.