While I should be concentrating on client projects, the upcoming issue of Rue, and a million other things, my mind keeps wandering to my new apartment as I begin imagining all the possibilities for each room...
So, I thought I'd start sharing some of my inspirations as I pull them. This one just happens to be good enough to be the Room of the Week!

As Miss Maryam suggested, I think I'm going to have to adopt some gorgeous Moroccan decor for the space, and where I'd really love to see it all end up is the bedroom. While I won't be able to recreate a room as stunning as this, I can certainly pull in a few elements like a graphic but neutral-toned rug, at least one traditional inlay piece, a dramatic mirror, long full drapes and a chic little chandelier.

What I really love is the overall effect these rich pieces bring to the room - warmth and luxury balanced by moments of simplicity like the bed and unfussy drapery. What's your favorite element?

*image via elle decor