This week's room had me at hello with the extremely high-gloss black lacquered walls...
But, there's another reason I wanted to make it highlight it too: the layout. I've been hunting lately for an apartment large enough to also include a bit of office space. Trying to find just the right place and imagining how each empty room might possibly work as a living room, office and dining room has proven a challenge in creativity to say the least!

But this room! This could be the perfect solution! A cozy sectional sofa, a big 'ol table to work on and dine on. And, where that console is, a little desk to to stash the paperwork and office pieces. I'm picturing how that armchair could actually double as a desk chair too. While we're at it, I'll also take the huge windows (must have plenty of natural light!) the trellis-patterend rug, and drapes to separate the bedroom from the living space!

*via pinterest