A perfect place to visit on a Friday afternoon... and my last place to share from my trip to Italy. Welcome to Capri!
This beautiful island is every bit as charming, sunny, and wonderful as everyone promised it would be. By far the most relaxing stop on our travels, I could have spent a few more days here lounging by our pool, enjoying the views, and indulging in a little luxury!

While we couldn't book a room at J.K Place (where I've always wanted to visit) we did the next best thing and stayed in a lovely hotel practically right next door. It was just my sister and I for this part of the trip, so we dolled ourselves up one night and headed over there for drinks on the patio that turned into a spectacular dinner where we were completely spoiled by the staff.
We also discovered a cute little lunch spot where we wedged ourselves into this teeny balcony and people-watched for a few hours on a Saturday when it was quite packed on the island.

The second day there, we spent some time in Anacapri which was lovely and quiet - especially on a Sunday. (It's where I got the pair of sandals I shared with you last week!) I wanted to bring back a whole bowl of these puffer fish too, but I don't think they allow sharp objects on the airplane...
We basically ate our way through Italy - can you tell? This was the best pesto I have ever ever had at some random little spot we picked because we got hungry. Love when that happens!
We ended the last night there in the glow of this beautiful sunset... I was so sad to leave such a relaxing and beautiful place. Capri, I will definitely be back!

I hope you enjoyed a peek at all my travels! It was an amazing little trip and I can't wait for the next one! Ciao Ciao!

*all images by coco+kelley