One of my focuses for my new apartment is art. I feel like I've reached the point in my life where my taste level and aesthetic is clear enough that I can start investing in some pieces that I'll carry with me for years to come. So, I was over the moon ecstatic when contacted by painter Rachel Wright asking if I'd like to select some art from her site for my new place! This is the one I fell in love with...
painted palette
There's an amazing story behind it, too. Rachel painted this back in April when there was that crazy outbreak of tornadoes passing through Alabama.

As she wrote to me, "It's a lot busier than most of my paintings because I was nervous all night. The weather was so scary. To calm myself down and to try not to think of a tornado hitting my home I started painting. I had almost finished it when the tornado siren went off, power went out and I quickly had to put my painting in a safe location and get in the hallway. When the night was over and we hadn't been hit I came back the next day to the painting and noticed that it had sort of changed form from the night before because of the way I propped it. I went with it and decided not to paint over some of the really elaborate drips and movements that it had formed. I normally never let a painting take its own shape and always hand-work it until I'm happy with it. But with this one I couldn't do anything about, and it ended up very beautiful - as if it were telling me to not worry, life happens, and everything is going to be ok."

I know that every time I look at this painting it will remind me of this story - significant in so many aspects. As a reassurance that beauty finds its way to us in many different ways. That we don't always get to shape things into our own idea of perfection, but sometimes they end up the way they should be. And that we can weather any 'storms' that life brings our way.

Of course, I'm also inspired by the palette of this painting, and can't wait to find a perfect spot for it. I had already planned on having some aquas and greens in the living area, but that addition of a soft peachy pink is perfect for a feminine touch...
palette inspirations2
While I don't want things to get too girly, I do think a dose of these bright feminine colors balanced by black and white, and maybe even a bit of red, will play perfectly into my plans! I absolutely can't wait to receive my painting and see how it looks in my new home. Thank you so much Rachel - for the painting and the story that goes with it. I'll value it always!

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