Hello darlings! Julie here from Chapman Interiors bringing you the softest, most ethereal home tour yet. Beauty abounds as warm light floods into this Brooklyn Townhouse designed by Tom Scheerer. The mood is quiet and calm. Reserved and collected. A tailored eye creates small vignettes of carefully collected art and furnishings throughout the home while the buttery paint reflects the warm light and is a perfect backdrop for darker wood accents.

I'm kind of dying over the mirrored sconces flanking the incredible carved fireplace. (Perhaps we could recreate that look with a traditional sconce and have a mirror custom made to fit?... ohhh yes.. I think so...) The sofa's lines are like a ribbon wrapping around its lucky guest. I love the surprise of the straight mirror to the ceiling; it carries your eye up to the detailed crown and adds a dash of modernity.

A pair of benches set a casual vibe in this classical room, and the dining table's reflective surface lets light dance around freely. There are an abundance of textures here; high gloss table, leather benches, carved marble, sea grass window treatments... it's all here, and it's all amazing!

Loving the delicate dots on the drapes paired with the silhouette of the side chair and traditional table. The circle pattern from the drapes seems to be echoed in the lantern living underneath the table. (fabric on right is Schumacher's Ripple Effect.)

Ahhh, the bedroom. The steely blue drapes reveal a feminine space; the light is captured here again by avoiding the use of a bed skirt and letting the sunshine seep under the bed and peek out the other side. A tall four-poster bed and drapes leading to the ceiling enhance the architecture's height and drama.

This may very well be my favorite room in the house. The woven bench and vibrant rug play so well with the modern headboard and white linens (plus that cobalt blue has certainly been catching my eye lately). Fresh flowers always add a little home comfort to a room, too! (fabric on left is Schmacher's Emilie Cachemire.)

Let's review the basic elements here:

* A soft creamy palette and rooms filled with architectural details.
* Casegoods in darker wood for contrast.
* Upholstered pieces in natural woven materials and often solid (think burlap, linen, cotton).
* A few modern pieces and textiles keep the space feeling current.
* Steeped with natural textures and friendly potted plants.
* Vignettes of collections throughout.

An inspired selection would look like this...

This approach is perfect for the person who wants to display their collections without feeling cluttered. Texture and contrast keep the space dynamic. Furniture is comfortable and pieces span various decades of style, yet it all works together because of the soft color palette and natural materials. This is one of my favorite and most inspiring homes yet!


*resources beginning at top left: low basket, glass lamp, gilt frames by Pottery Barn, wishbone occasional chair, dresser by Anthropologie, Oasis sofa from Crate&Barrel, woven basket with lid. Terracotta pots are filled with thyme and sage.