So, the post that should have gone up on Monday, had I not hiding in bed with the flu (thank you for all your well-wishes!) would have let you know that it's just under two months until my 30th birthday. (Yikes!)  And I've decided that the only good thing about this, of course, is the the chance to put together a fabulous little soiree!

Well, as timing would have it I found my first bit of inspiration in the housewarming party Kevin Sharkey (SVP and Executive Editorial Director of Decorating for Martha Stewart Living and Executive Creative Director, Merchandising for Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia!) threw as a part of his big apartment reveal. What I love about Kevin's style is that it's eternally tasteful but surprisingly playful at the same time...
Kevin set a swanky mood with metallic balloons covering the ceiling and a bathtub filled with Veuve and lined with nibbles. And, if you're going to party in the bathroom, you might as well make the shower a lovely little scene of indulgence with piles of Hermes boxes, right? (I might prefer mine filled with birthday gifts, since my one lonely box may not do the job.)
The tiers of Oreo cookies literally takes the cake as one of my favorite details of the party. Topped with sparklers it's such a fun (and pretty!) way to indulge in a childhood favorite (complete with milk, of course!).

But the best part has to be the entertainment for the evening...
The most glamorous game of ping pong I think I've ever seen in my life! Keeping score on mirrors with Chanel lipstick? Yes please! (Did you notice that gorgeous reflected view?) Monogrammed orange paddles? Naturally. A dirty martini, sparkly little cocktail dress (that's Alexis Stewart, by the way!) and a killer serve completes the night.

So, what is it exactly that I'm inspired by for my own party? The ability to combine this fun and casual atmosphere with cocktail attire and glamour, of course! Sounds a little bit like my interior design style, no? Well, plans are in the works and I'm not going to give anything away just yet, but here's a little more of a peek at some ideas...
metallics birthday inspiration
Silver straws, gold lined cupcakes, dancing the night away, maybe some balloons a la Sharkey and a decadent deco feel. Stay tuned my dears... the countdown is on!

*photography courtesy of martha stewart, straws via brook farm, cupcake photo via flickr, invitation design by hello tenfold