It was a warm sunny Saturday when I arrived in NYC with my good friend Kelley Moore who is a fantastic designer here in Seattle. Everything I learned about setting a fabulous tabletop I learned from her. So who better to throw a beautiful dinner party in honor of the launch of Rue and the fabulous ladies and gents who had gathered in the city to celebrate...?Library - 1036
The second we stepped in the door of our SoHo apartment, we set straight to work, rearranging the living room to create this beautiful setting...
Library - 1040
Kelley had the linens made especially for this long elegant table, and even packed her antique candelabras to be sure to set the mood right. What made the decor even more stunning was the way the patterns and colors of the room played so well with the tablecloth, dishes, and floral arrangements.
Library - 1054
So inspiring! And because Kelley is always one to personalize a party, each guest's 'placecard' was a photo she had made into pop art and placed in these acrylic frames.
Library - 1046
As the sun set and our guests arrived they were greeted with a fuschia hallway that was the perfect entrance to this candlelit room (the color inspired the florals, by the way) and the party was underway!
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It was such a treat to spend a relaxing evening with the talented Rue team including Crystal (above with Kelley!), Anne, Caitlin, Alaina and Will. Not to mention the lovely Jaime Rummerfield and my bestie Erin.
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After a night of champagne, fabulous food, and inspiring conversation, it seemed only natural that we end the evening with an impromptu dance party... and that's exactly what happened just moments after this! (Sorry, loves, no photos of that! A girl has to keep a few secrets.)

If you're dying to see more of the evening, just pop on over to the coco+kelley facebook page later today
for the full NYC trip album!

*all photos by coco+kelley