As many of you know, the whole purpose of my trip to NYC was to attend the Rue launch party... never did I dream it would be such a fabulous night!
Library - 1100
First of all, I was able to find the most amazing dress by designer Kara Janx that left me feeling like Audrey Hepburn wearing Valentino. Every time I looked down at that big bow, my heart fluttered! Finished off by sparkling heels and subtle jewelry, I was ready to go with my partner in crime, Kelley. (Who says you have to wear black in New York??)
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The Rue gals looked every bit as gorgeous, and this happens to be my favorite photo from the evening. The toast in progress! Cheers!
rue party2
The most fun part, of course, was mingling with bloggers who were old friends and new acquaintances alike! The lovely Laure who I know from back in my LA days, Camila who I was thrilled to finally meet, Mr. Tartanscot who won my award for best dressed that evening (his pants had skulls on them!) and the sweet Julieann with my ever-present bestie, Erin. (Oh, and yes, I have a hand-on-my-hip addiction in photos)
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I also got a chance to meet two of my favorites (finally!) - Jaithan and Eddie - who made the time to stop by the party despite their busy schedule.
rue party shoes
Not only were the people fabulous, but so were the shoes (or socks, in Jonathan Legate's case!).
Mine are the sparkly pumps!
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A few more lovelies - Bri, Crystal and Amy - and of course the fabulous Jaime below.
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It's hard to explain the energy and level of talent in that room, but I hope you can imagine it and feel the inspiration that I did after this amazing evening!