In the last year I've developed a serious crush on two things. Mini settees and trim lined upholstery. Well darlings... take a gander at this gorgeousness...
Yes, please, and thank you! I wonder how comfy those petite pieces are... No matter, they look good enough to eat in my book, so they'll serve perfectly as pretty little perches by the fire. And my 5'2" frame will curl up in them nicely either way. Preferably with a pile of decor mags and a roaring fire! And speaking of which... how about that fireplace? So classically stunning. I might replace the coffee table with something round and less cold, but that mirror can definitely stay, and so can the huge crystal obelisks. The green chandelier adds just that perfect sea glass glow and a little casual style. And the rug...? Hmmm... she might just grow on me.

*interior via vogue